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Owners of Baton Rouge real estate take note, pick paint color carefully if you plan on selling your home in the near future.  Just like clothing and accessories paint color trends come and go.  This is the reason designers and stagers recommend neutral tones for a home being prepped for sale.

If you are planning to paint the walls in your Baton Rouge home strictly to prepare it for sale then consider your color choices carefully.  This is not to say you must paint white but lighter colors would be better than bright and bold.  A burst of color is great, on an accent wall and choosing a tone that compliments a piece of furniture or art is a great idea.

The top two painting trends to stay away from are two-tone or tri-tone color schemes which can get old quickly and choosing bright or neon colors which can be a truly irritating and blinding to look at.  This year’s color trend may not be in fashion a year from now so please remember to use the motto “everything in moderation”.

Contact us today to learn more about staging your Baton Rouge homes to sell.  Our goal is to help our clients sell their Baton Rouge homes in as timely a manner as possible while securing as close to asking price as possible.  Let us help you achieve a successful real estate transaction!

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