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A contract to buy Baton Rouge real estate is full of details that go beyond a price and a closing date. A contract to buy real estate includes contingencies, earnest money, inclusions, exclusions and more to cover a buyer and ensure a successful transaction. An experienced Baton Rouge REALTOR® is instrumental in the contract process and can be extremely helpful in explaining each detail of the document.

Contingencies are a crucial part of a contract to buy Baton Rouge real estate. Common contingencies include financing, inspection and appraisal, all of which protect a buyer. A financing contingency gives an out to a buyer should he find himself in a position where he is unable to secure a loan to buy the home. An inspection contingency allows a buyer the opportunity to uncover any issues with a home and have them taken care up prior to purchase. An appraisal contingency reveals the value of a home. Should the appraisal come in lower than contract price a buyer can negotiate for a lower price or understand that he is paying more than the home is worth.

There are so many parts of a real estate contract that involve follow-through and your Baton Rouge REALTOR® is an integral part of making sure the steps of the process are completed. Contact us today for more information on buying Baton Rouge real estate. We can get you started on a home search and help you every step of the way through closing day.

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