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Baton Rouge real estate

Glenda Daughety & Team, Baton Rouge real estate

Buying Baton Rouge real estate involves securing a mortgage and a very important precursor would be to get rid of as much debt as possible.  Mortgage approvals are more frequent these days but the process still remains strict.  The more prepared you are before applying the easier the process will be.

Eliminating or reducing your debt will mean a better debt to income ratio.  The better your debt to income ratio the better you will look on paper to a lender.  Of course this is not the only piece of the finance puzzle.  It is also important to have good credit and steady employment and income before applying for a loan to buy Baton Rouge real estate.

Preparation and education are important elements of the home buying process, which will alleviate the stress and make your transaction a smoother one.  Contact us today to learn more about buying Baton Rouge real estate.  We can get help recommend reputable lenders in the area and get you started on your home search.  Our goal is to help you achieve your dream of home ownership.

Click here to read “Improve Your Chances of Obtaining a Home Mortgage” from Realty Times.

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