Baton Rouge Real Estate Continues Upward Trend in August

Baton Rouge real estate

Glenda Daughety & Team, Baton Rouge real estate

Baton Rouge real estate continues its upward trend in August.  More Baton Rouge homes are selling as values continue to rise.  A positive economic indicator, the improvement in our local real estate market is welcome.

The real estate tracking website is currently displaying data for the three week period of August 7th through the 28th.  The number of Baton Rouge homes sold was up 86.1% compared with the same time period a year ago, a big jump that is undoubtedly tied to a loosening in lending combined with more security in the nation’s economy as a whole.  Likewise the median sales price for homes sold was up 1.5% compared with 2012.

Baton Rouge real estate success is tied closely to the city’s commitment to attracting business and creating new jobs.  Low unemployment and improving home sales go hand in hand.

Contact is today to learn more about current market conditions.  Knowing what homes are selling, where homes are selling and what fair market value is for any given home is an important part of buying and selling Baton Rouge real estate.

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