Baton Rouge Home Spring Cleaning 2017

baton rouge spring cleaningIts hard to believe that spring is almost here. Well it is and its time to start cleaning up that mess around the house.  Home owners in the Baton Rouge area should start thinking about ,yes, Spring Cleaning.  Whether you like to clean or not you have to admit that a clean home makes your life more organized and comfortable. Maybe its just time to declutter your home and help out a few charities.

Easier said than done when taking on a spring cleaning project.  So because its not easy to get motivated the Glenda Daughety Team has come up with a quick list to help you get the ball rolling.

1. Make a check list for each project around the house. Start with the an area you’ve been avoiding. It will motivate you to keep pressing on when done.

2. Stock up on all your supplies before diving off into the deep end of spring cleaning.

3. Don’t do too many projects at once. Start with a room, desk, or an area like your kitchen.

4. Donate things your don’t need anymore.  Get rid of stuff in those unoccupied rooms that are filled with… well junk.

5. Put away all your winter items that may get in the way. Not to hard for us here in Baton Rouge. Did we even have a winter?

6. Start a new decor in a dull room that you so hate. It will brighten up your day and help you to keep pressing on.

7. Get a storage system for your things. Nothing is worse that having all your stuff just lying around everywhere.

8. Last but not least have a Garage Sale.  Mark everything down cheap. The goal is get rid of things that are just cluttering up your home. You basically get a moving crew that pays to work for you.

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