Baton Rouge FSBO or Real Estate Agent

baton rouge fsbo infographicIf you are contemplating selling your home you might be considering selling it on your own (FSBO) or using a Realtor. Indeed the idea of saving the commission money is tempting but few have the experience to complete a real estate transaction without the assistance of someone who has gone through this process many times.

Selling you home by yourself is always tempting when considering the commission you will not have to pay out but will you really save any money.  The truth is that potential buyers interested in a FSBO almost always start their negotiations 10 percent below market value. As a result when its all said and done FSBO’s sell their homes at 13-14 percent below market value.

Its a long and stressful process when selling your home. An experienced Realtor will help negotiate between the seller and the buyer’s agent, easing the process for the seller. Once under contract a Realtor will make sure that the contractual obligations are followed and will see the process through until closing. In all there are approximately 30 steps to successfully sell your home. From staging to the final closing a realtor can ease the pain as well as increase the money you take home.

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