HUD Program Cuts Could Affect Baton Rouge Real Estate Values

Under Donald Trump we could see major cuts  to the Department of Housing and Urban Development. According to the recently released budget proposal funding would be cut by 13 percent. This is in keeping with promises made by Trump during his campaign. These cuts are to compensate for increases in other government spending such as defense.

This however doesn’t seem to build much momentum for increasing local real estate infrastructure. The program that would hit the Baton Rouge community the hardest is the Community Development Block Grants. These grants allow for funding to state and local government for a range of uses ┬ásuch as property acquisition and new affordable housing. Under the proposal these programs would be eliminated. According to the administration these programs have not shown to be effective.

The administration’s proposal is likely to have stiff opposition from both parties and seems to be DOA in congress. With that said cities that build well infrastructure with this block grant monies prove to increase the overall value of the residential real estate market. In the State of Louisiana this grant is used in many areas that affect the overall quality of life in our cities and as result sustaining and increasing Baton Rouge home values.