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September 27, 2007

Governor Blanco Announces Mychal Bell will be Tried as a Juvenile

Last week a rally in Jena caught the attention of the nation as civil rights leaders, musical artists and celebrities gathered to protest what was perceived as injustice in trying Mychal Bell, a member of the Jena 6, as an adult. Even though that conviction was overturned, there was some question of an appeal. However, Governor Blanco announced that she asked that there be no appeal, and that Bell be tried as a juvenile. The Advocate reports on the Mychal Bell announcement:

“Today it appears that the process of justice is beginning to work,
hopefully in the right way,” said King, the son of the late
civil-rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

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September 26, 2007

More Incentives for Baton Rouge Mortgages

One way lenders are trying to attract borrowers is by offering more inventives for Baton Rouge Mortgages. They are offering a variety of home loan programs, including green mortgages and first time homebuyer rates, to waiving fees. Bank of America is among the big companies offering no-fee mortgages, but it is possible to find incentives for Baton Rouge mortgages among local lenders as well.

However, it is important to keep one main thing in mind. While the incentives may offer up-front and short-term savings, some lenders are charging higher interest rates for Baton Rouge mortgages with incentives. Once you get to 10-15 years in your Baton Rouge home, that may outweigh the initial savings from mortgage incentives.

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September 24, 2007

Traditional Baton Rouge Mortgage Rates Go Up

The Fed rate cut hasn’t been kind to all Baton Rouge home loans. Some Baton Rouge mortgage rates, such as for luxury real estate or for option ARMs, are going down. But traditional Baton Rouge mortgages, mainly of the 30-year fixed variety, are seeing problems. These Baton Rouge home loans are seeing rates go up. Inman News reports on mortgage rates:

At this moment the economy receives some
dinky benefit from the cut (Construction money is 0.5 percent cheaper
— wanna build a house? Short-term rates are down — how about a nice
new neg-am pre-pay-penalty ARM? No?), but the crunch is still in place,
especially in Mortgageland.

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September 21, 2007

Baton Rouge Community Housing Programs

Many people could use a little help when buying Baton Rouge real estate. And Baton Rouge has some great community housing programs that can aid new housing developments, homebuyer’s loans and contracting. Additionally, there are a variety of Baton Rouge housing grants, including those for home rehabilitation, sewer line assistance and wealtherization.

A visit to the Baton Rouge Community Development’s housing programs Web site can help you discover how you can get help with your Baton Rouge real estate.

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September 20, 2007

Rally in Jena for Six Teens Charged with Battery

One of the biggest stories in Louisiana right now took place this morning in a small town. The town of Jena is seeing an influx of people who came for a demonstration this morning, protesting battery charges against six black teens. They retaliated against a white teen for a noose that had been hung in a tree. The white teens were not charged with any crime. The Reverend Al Sharpton helped organize the demonstration, and The Advocate reports on his words:

"This is the most blatant example of disparity in the justice system
that we’ve seen," Sharpton said Thursday. "You can’t have two standards
of justice. We didn’t bring race in it, those that hung the nooses
brought the race into it."

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