Baton Rouge Real Estate

June 11, 2007

Baton Rouge Communities: Midtown Baton Rouge

of the best Baton Rouge real estate value to be had could very well be in
Midtown Baton Rouge. Midtown is one of the Baton
Rouge communities
that is gaining in popularity due to its reputation for
affordable housing. Not only is there Baton Rouge affordable housing available
in Midtown Baton Rouge, but it is also conventiently located near the Baton
Rouge General Hospital and other amenities.

Right now, due to the
CDC in Baton Rouge, Midtown Baton Rouge is undergoing something of an overhaul.
Old houses are being torn down to make way for modern Baton Rouge homes, and
this offers a great real estate value now, since home prices are likely to
increase in the future as development in Midtown Baton Rouge

June 7, 2007

Hurricane Tracking Satellite About to Fail

Louisiana is no stranger
to hurricanes, and with the
aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a very real specter
hanging over the state, lawmakers are distressed to learn that an important
hurricane tracking satellite is about to fail. In an effort to get it replaced
as soon as possible, Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., and Rep. Charles “Charlie”
Melancon, D-Napoleonville, are introducing legislation meant to come up with the
$375 million needed in order to build a new hurricane tracking satellite and
then launch it.
The Advocate

“It’s crucial that our nation’s hurricane system be first
class,” Landrieu says in a statement. “With 50 percent of our population living
within 50 miles of the coast, residents in these communities — in Louisiana,
Florida and across the nation — deserve the best technology available to track
impending hurricanes.”

In addition to hurricanes, the satellite detects coastal winds,
storm surges and other weather-related events, such as “El Niño.”

“We need more advanced warning of storms and can’t afford to
slide backward,” Landrieu said. “This requires a long-term

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June 6, 2007

Baton Rouge Affordable Housing in Melrose Place

Melrose Place (not to be
confused with Melrose Place East, which consists mostly of rentals) is a Baton
Rouge community
offering up and coming real estate value. This area is known
for its Baton Rouge affordable housing in a neat, fairly modern neighborhood.

Location has its
benefits in this Baton Rouge community. Melrose Place is situated on Baton Rouge
real estate between the Bon Carre Business Center and
Baton Rouge Community
. This easy access to employment and a business center, as well as
the proximity to a growing educational institution, makes Melrose Place a
desirable location for a Baton Rouge home.

June 4, 2007

New Home Listing in Briarwood Estates, Baton Rouge

One of the best Baton Rouge real estate values to come along in a long while, Great home listing in Baton Rougethis new home listing in Briarwood Estates in Baton Rouge is receiving an upgrade right now. This beautiful home is located in a lovely area of Baton Rouge.

The current owners are transferring, and the new master suite is just being completed, with large walk-in closet, updated bath and a sitting room. Other  features of this Baton Rouge home include a formal dining area, an office, a sunroom and plenty of counter space in the kitchen. A great real estate value at less than $300,000!

To take a look at this great Baton Rouge real estate, and to see other Baton Rouge real estate values, contact Glenda Daughety.

May 31, 2007

New Baton Rouge Area Home Listing!

This is a great Baton Rouge home real estate valueAt less than $430,000, this lovely Baton Rouge area home is a great real estate value. Search 70734 real estate, and you won’t find much that is better than this Legacy Hills home in Prairieville, near exciting Baton Rouge. This Baton Rouge area home comes with quality work done by Martin Construction.

The floor plan for this Prairieville home is amazing, with an open feel accented by pine wood floors, granite counters, a Keeping Room that overlooks a lake and a patio complete with brick enclosed grill. Additionally, you will find the bonus room over the garage a convenient guest addition. The dead end street and restricted subdivision ensures low traffic (and the noise that goes with it).

To arrange a showing of this beautifully landscaped piece of Baton Rouge area real estate, contact Glenda Daughety.