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September 12, 2007

Baton Rouge Community Resources: East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Baton Rouge community resources can boast about a lot of things. From green building resources to activity resources to educational resources. And one of the best Baton Rouge community resources is the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. In addition to offering a good selection of books and educational resrouces, the East Baton Rouge Parish Library offers these interesting programs:

  • Fall Chess at the library
  • Adolescent anger management classes
  • Celebrating jazz program
  • Collection specialists to look at valuables and antiques

The library calendar offers more programs, dates and times from the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

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September 11, 2007

Hoo Shoo Too Road Residents Don’t Want the Baton Rouge Loop

In an area of East Baton Rouge that is minimally developed, protests are being raised over the Baton Rouge Loop road that might bring more real estate development to the area and upset the environment. The Advocate reports on the reluctance of Hoo Shoo Too Road residents reagarding the Baton Rouge Loop plan:

“We’re environmentalists. That’s why we live out there,” Michael Thibodeaux said.

said the Hoo Shoo Too Road area is a haven for wildlife as well as an
area of historical significance, with a cemetery that dates to the
1700s, another cemetery that dates to the 1800s and plantation homes.

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September 7, 2007

Historic Downtown Baton Rouge Home Almost Restored

One of the historic Baton Rouge real estate landmarks is the Beale House in downtown Baton Rouge. This home in historic Beauregard Town is a treasure that was almost destroyed by fire over a year ago. Since then, damage from rain had only intensified matters. But the owner, Julia Sims, perservered in restoring the home built in 1830 by Judge Robert G. Beale and purchased by Sims’ family in the 1940s. The Advocate reports on the uniqueness of the Beale House to the Beauregard Town area:

As time went on, the old houses in the Beauregard Town area were torn
down for development, leaving the Beale House as one of the few
remnants of its generation.

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September 6, 2007

Baton Rouge Communities Have Access to Green Building

Green building is a trend that is spreading across the nation as more people become interested in practices that save both money and the planet. Baton Rouge communities have access to green building resources as well. The State Energy Office provides education and studies to help promote green building practices in Baton Rouge and around the state. Realty Times explores some of the benefits of green building:

Green homes use less energy, water, and other natural resources; creates less waste; and are healthier and more comfortable for the occupants than homes built otherwise.

In addition to saving homeowners money on the utility bill, keeping occupants cool during heatwaves and toasty during cold spells, green homes are also planet-friendly.

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September 5, 2007

Privacy Great Feature of this Denham Springs Home

This Baton Rouge area home is a great real estate valueThis 3 BD, 2 BA Baton Rouge area home offers affordable real estate value. One of the great features of this Denham Springs home is the privacy. A wooded area is behind the home, which sits at the back of cul-de-sac. This is a relatively new home with a great master suite and lovely features such as an open floor plan, alarm system and ceramic tile floors. A Baton Rouge area real estate value at less than $140,000.

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