Baton Rouge Real Estate

May 9, 2007

Baton Rouge Communities: Spanish Town

of the most interesting and historically vibrant of Baton Rouge communities is
Spanish Town. Spanish Town is located on downtown Baton Rouge
real estate, in the Downtown Development District. Directly to the north of
Spanish Town is the state capital complex. One of the highlights of this area is
the Spanish Town Mardi
Gras parade
, which is one of the biggest festivals in Baton Rouge.

Because Spanish Town is
receiving a great deal of renovation (tearing down historical homes in Spanish
Town Baton Rouge is frowned upon), and because the downtown district is such a
desirable location, home values in Spanish Town can be quite high. However, as
you move east in Spanish Town Baton Rouge, the real estate becomes less
expensive. This eastern section is moving past the I-110 overpass — the only
part of the neighborhood where great Baton Rouge real estate
deals can still be found.

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May 7, 2007

Hillary Clinton Promises More Federal Aid to the Gulf Coast if Elected

Saturday, at the
National Conference of Black
Baton Rouge, presidential hopeful
Hillary Clinton criticized the
incompetence that she feels marked the Bush Administration response to Hurricane
The Shreveport Times reports on Clinton’s visit to Baton

Speaking to the
National Conference of Black Mayors, Clinton, D-N.Y., said she was angered when
she saw images of New Orleans residents on their rooftops, begging to be rescued
from the floodwaters that followed the August 2005 hurricane. She said President
Bush’s response, 20 months later, was a display of

Baton Rouge is home to
refugees from Hurricane Katrina, and Baton Rouge real estate has seen an increase in
value since the Gulf Coast was hit by the storm in 2005.

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May 4, 2007

Create Your Own Dream Home on Land in Charming St. Francisville

Rural real estate near Baton RougeSome of the best real estate in Baton Rouge isn’t actually in
Baton Rouge. Indeed, the charming rural character of the area surrounding Baton
Rouge makes it desirable real estate. Take this charming acreage in St. Francisville. There are nearly 39 acres of
beautiful rural real estate, ready for your dream to shape it. And, because St. Francisville is
located less than an hour from Baton Rouge, you are never far from the shopping,
dining and entertainment provided in the city.

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May 2, 2007

Baton Rouge Communities: Beauregard Town Historic District

many cities, there are communities within the city that have their characters
and attractions. In East Baton Rouge, community character shines in the Beauregard Town Historic District.

This is the old
downtown. It features the Mississippi River to the West, and includes a downtown
business center to the north. Renovation has considerally picked up, and Baton
Rouge real estate in this area is becoming more popular. It is worth noting that
most of the renovations in the Beauregard Town Historic Distric are sweeping
through the residential area, and since some are not completed, the Baton Rouge
real estate deals here are fairly good.

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April 30, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Victims in Emergency Housing Have New Move Out Date

The latest from FEMA regarding the move out date for hurricane victims has been
pushed back again, but this time FEMA says that this new date is probably firm.
The new date, which mostly affects victims of Hurricane Katrina, is March 1,
2009. That gives many hurricane evacuees almost two years to get their lives
back in order and move out of FEMA housing.

You can watch the story here, from WBRZ News 2.

Baton Rouge
real estate has been experiencing an increase of families moving into the area
since Hurricane Katrina, making it a more desirable location. While the main rush for Baton Rouge real estate was a year and a half ago, in
September 2005, Baton Rouge still remains a good location for many families from
around the country.

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