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April 30, 2007

Hurricane Katrina Victims in Emergency Housing Have New Move Out Date

The latest from FEMA regarding the move out date for hurricane victims has been
pushed back again, but this time FEMA says that this new date is probably firm.
The new date, which mostly affects victims of Hurricane Katrina, is March 1,
2009. That gives many hurricane evacuees almost two years to get their lives
back in order and move out of FEMA housing.

You can watch the story here, from WBRZ News 2.

Baton Rouge
real estate has been experiencing an increase of families moving into the area
since Hurricane Katrina, making it a more desirable location. While the main rush for Baton Rouge real estate was a year and a half ago, in
September 2005, Baton Rouge still remains a good location for many families from
around the country.

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April 30, 2007

Come Home to The Meadows

Rouge is a great place to live. It sports diversity, exciting college sports and
even its own Mardi Gras. And it is possible to live in Southern country style in
this charming house, The Meadows.

Situated in what can
only be considered a park-setting, TheThe Meadows is a Baton Rouge real estate best buy Meadows offers some of the best Baton Rouge real estate. It
is on a quiet dead-end street, giving you solitude, but also providing ample
space to do your own entertaining.

Some of the features of
this Baton Rouge real estate best buy include a pool set in multilevel decking,
a lovely stream (it runs under the house), rock fountains and a cabana. Also,
there is a separate guest bedroom and bathroom for your visitors.

Take a virtual tour of The Meadows from Glenda Daughety, who
offers premier Baton Rouge real estate.

April 2, 2007

Baton Rouge Real Estate Podcast

Glenda Daughety Podcast

This month’s edition covers Baton Rouge real estate market activity and we’ve got insights and strategies for you to successfully negotiate your contract for a win-win!

Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning.